Our Artists

Myriam de Lafforest


Born in Reims in 1973, Myriam grew up in a family of artists and very early on understood the importance of art in her life. She will be seduced by the medium of sculpture through the works of great masters, Rodin and Camille Claudel. After studying psychology, she arrives in Spain with her family. Her path will lead her back to art through the meeting of Salavdor Manosa, Catalan sculptor of renown, who will become his master. This one will teach him his modeling technique. Today, alongside her work as an artist and her exhibitions in Europe, Myriam links psychology with a commitment as an art therapist for children or teenagers in difficulty. She lives and has set up her studio in the heart of the Spanish Catalan countryside.

«  Dans l'art thérapie, l'art est abordé comme une création qui conduit à soi-même, qui réconcilie avec la vie...l'art est un pont magnifique entre le vécu et l'Etre, il est important d'y circuler  »


Gordon Hopkins

Painter artist

Born in Boston in 1965, Gordon studied landscape architecture and worked in Santa Barbara, California. He chose to live in Europe, in Brussels, about 10 years ago and to devote himself to painting. In his work Gordon gives us the visual simplicity that he captures at first sight. His work evolves according to his travels, his memories, his meetings. Intense and lively colors come together, superimposed creating an emotion for the simple things of life: a still life, plants, objects ... He also deals with abstraction with layers of raw colors reworked to oil paint sticks in a rich and intense texture.

« S’offrir une oeuvre de Gordon, c’est laisser entrer la lumière chez soi. »


Séverine Loisel

Painter artist

Séverine was born in 1971 in Brittany, where she will spend her first twenty years. After a baccalaureat in Fine Arts, she prepares Penninghen then moves towards the graphic arts and in particular the ESAM, where she will obtain a diploma of advertising graphic designer. Curious and anxious to acquire new working techniques, she moves towards decorative painting and follows a training cycle at the Van Der Kelen Institute in Brussels. She settles in Paris and multiplies the building sites in the four corners of Europe while developing the techniques of the decorative painting: mural painting, fresco, optical illusion, false wood and false marble. In parallel, she perfected her talent as a colorist. 2001, Séverine embarks husband and children to settle on the grounds of his childhood, in Brittany and to devote himself fully, to the pictorial creation. In 2018, they moved to Portugal, where again the inspiration of Séverine will be influenced by the colors and atmosphere of this country. Each composition is punctuated by the subtlety of the materials: square of gold leaves, and glued papers. Séverine is inspired by the marine world and more precisely that of the landscapes with these agreements of blue, green and yellow, colors of Brittany, but also of her travels in Asia.

« Séverine puise au plus profond de sa sensibilité intérieure pour nous offrir toute l'intensité d'une peinture alliant l’harmonies des couleurs et contrastes des lumières. »